Summer to Fall: Must Have Trends

September 22, 2016

Summer to Fall: Must Have Trends

It’s officially Fall!  Just barely. Although you can’t wait for fall…everything, now is the perfect time to enjoy the change of seasons and ease into it.  Take some time to switch up your wardrobe and beauty routine, while the weather begins to change.  We put together some items that are great for the transition from summer to fall.

Lips:  A peachy-nude lip is always a good idea and goes with everything. This color is perfect for keeping some of the lightness of summer around combined with the warm tones of the fall.

Nails: It’s time to move the neon and pastels to the back of the beauty stash and make way for new colors. These gorgeously edgy nail wraps feature black and metallic gray with detailed geometric designs, and are perfect for kicking off fall nail colors.

Jeans: Black distressed jeans are a perfect transitional piece: casual, edgy and perfect for mild temperatures

Scarves: Blanket scarves are a must have, not only are they fashionable, but very functional.  Wear them a variety of ways to fit your mood and the weather. The color combo in this scarf is to die for!

Booties: A must have for looking casually chic at any time of day.  Booties are perfect for warmer fall weather and can be styled with jeans, leggings or dresses.  Make time for some adorable booties before the knee-high boots make their way out from the back of the closet.

Have fun soaking in the fall sights, smells, tastes and trends!